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Masayuki Okumura

Masayuki Okumura, Brazilian surgeon (São Paulo 16 July 1927 –

From Japanese ancestry

Performed the second and third cases of intestinal transplantation in the world literature (1968-9)

First intestine transplant in the world in which the patient survived for 10 days (1968)

First to demonstrate the presence of Trypanosoma cruzi in intestinal myenteric plexus

First to reproduce megaesophagus, megastomach, megabladder and megacolon in experimental Chagas’disease

With A. Correa Netto. Experimental production of “megas” in animals inoculated with Trypanosoma cruzi (in Portuguese). Rev. Hosp. Clin. Fac. Med. S. Paulo 16:338-41, 1961

His work about pre-hospitalar first aid of patients that suffered traffic accidents gained international repercussion (1982)

With P.L.S. Pinto, R. Takami, E.V. Nunes, C.S. Guilherme , J. Gama-Rodrigues et al. Cytokine-like substance: origin and fate in Chagas disease. A new hypothesis about the local inflammatory reaction etiopathogenesis. (Experimental study in white mice). Rev. Hosp. Clin. 54(3):73-4, 1999  


Geradores elétricos gêmeos isômeros (Isomeric twin electric generators) PI0304864-0 (2005)

Energia elétrica hidro-elétrica (Hydroeletric electric power) PI0304895-0 (2005)



Who’s Who in the World, Marquis Who’s Who Publications (1996)

International Man of the Year, International Biographic Center, Cambridge, England (1996-7)

Twentieth Century Achievement Award, Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, American Biographic Institute, United States (1997)