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Joseph O'Neil

Joseph A. O’Neil, English-born South African missionary and entomologist (London 23 October 1867 – Harare, Zimbabwe 10 May 1952)

Collected new insect species such as Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera and Arachnida

Described two butterfly species Acraea ruperti 1919 & Acraea swynnertoni 1919



The Carabidae of Salisbury, Mashonaland. S.Afr. J. Nat. Hist. 2(1):52-72, 1920

Notes on some Rhodesian moths of the family Saturniidae and their larvae. Ann. Durban Museum 2:149-68, 1919

The Acraeas of Southern Rhodesia. Proceed. Trans. Rhod. Scient. Assoc. 17(2):25-65, 1919

The Hawkmoths of Mashonaland. Rhod. Agr. J. 15:158-68, 1918-9

The Emperor Moths of Southern Rhodesia. Rhod. Agr. J. 14:47, 1917


A shona grammar: Zezuru district (1935)

The natives of S-W Matabeleland and some of their religious customs. Proceed. Rhodesia Scient. Assoc. 19:3, 1920

A grammar of the Sindebele district of Zulu (1913)

Habits and customs of the natives of Mangwe District, South Matabeleland, Zambesi. Miss. Record 4:106-13, 187-94, 235-8, 267-74, 1910-1

A phrase book in English and Sindebele, with a full vocabulary and a list of wild animals, birds and reptiles (1909)


Oneila Peringuey 1899 (Coleoptera)

Oneilella Cameron 1904 (Hymenoptera)

Oneiliana Prout 1922 (Lepidoptera)