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Ifedayo Olawole Oladapo

Ifedayo Olawole Oladapo, Nigerian structural engineer (Ondo 24 November 1932 – Ondo 06 March 2010)

Developed limits state design method for structural concrete


With H.J. Doehner. Tests on a 120 ft prestressed concrete bridge girder. Synopsis 291, 1973

The limit states of cracking and deflexion in prestressed concrete design (1971)

Stability of tensile cracks in prestressed concrete beams. J. Struct. Divis. (1969)

Relationship between moment capacity at flexural cracking and at ultimate in prestressed concrete beams. Proceed. ACI J. 65(10):863-74, 1968

The Strength of concrete mixes in tropical climates. West African Chartered Engineer 15:7-15, 1966

Extensibility and modulus of rupture of concrete. Byngsta Medd. Arg. 35:11-31, 1964

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Cracking and failure in plain concrete beam. Mag. Concr. Research 16(47):103-10, 1964

Dynamics loading of prestressed  concrete beams. Mag. Concr. Research 14(40):25-32, 1962

Cracks stability in prestressed concrete beams


Gold Medal for Best Student in Civil Engineering, University of Saint Andrews (1959)

Inducted Hall of Fame for Science & Technology, New York (1988)