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Fritz Ottensooser

Friedrich (Fritz) Ottensooser, German-born Brazilian geneticist and hematologist (Nuremberg 19 July 1891 –São Paulo 24 December 1974)

Suggested a mathematical formula for computing racial mixture through blood groups known as Bernstein-Ottensooser method for studying genetic markers

Calculo do grau de mistura racial através dos grupos sanguíneos. Rev. Bras. Biol. 4(4):531-7, 1944

Discovered that  lectins of Vicia graminea seeds are able to agglutinate human blood group N.  

With K. Silberschmidt. Haemagglutinin anti-N in plant seeds. Nature 172:914, 1953

Described cold lectins, plant agglutinins which act more strongly as temperature is decreased

With M. Sato. Cold lectins. Vox sanguinis 8(6):733-4, 1963
With M. Sato described absorption-inhibiton tests for identification of the ABO blood group substances in semen (1967)
With R. Sato & M. Sato. A new anti-B lectin. Transfusion 8(1):44-46, 1968 

With M. Sato described anti-A+B phytohemagglutinins found in variants of Phaseolus vulgaris (1964)


Isolated lectins detecting C group streptococci from Wisteria floribunda

With Y. Nakamizo, M. Sato, Y. Miyamoto & K. Takizawa. Lectins detecting C group streptococci. Infect. Immun. 9(5):971-3, 1974