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Emico Okuno

Emico Okuno, Brazilian physicist (July 1936 –

From Japanese ancestry

With C. M.G. Lattes, C.M.Q. Orsini, I.I.G. Pacca, M.T. Cruz, Y. Fujimoto & K. Yokoi saw a new resonance with mass in fireballs type events (1963)

With J.F. Lima & M.E.G. Valério. Thermally assisted tunneling: an alternative model for the thermoluminescence process in calcite. Phys. Rev. B Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 64(14):1-6, 2001


With R.C. Falcão. On a method of dose rate calculation at the maze entrance of medical linear accelerator rooms. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 86(1-4):225-7, 1999.

With C.M. Sunta & E.M. Yoshimura. An Analytical Method For Thermoluminescence Growth Curve And Its Validity. J. Physics D: Appl. Physics 27:1337-40, 1994

With M.P. Díaz, N. K. Umisedo & E.M. Yoshimura. Aparelho leitor de termoluminescência por contagem de fótons: apresentação dos primeiros resultados (1994) (Device for recording thermoluminescence by photon counting)