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Eduardo Sabino de Oliveira

Eduardo Sabino de Oliveira, Brazilian engineer (São Paulo 02 December 1904 - São Paulo 06 April 1993) 

Studied hydrated alcohol technology as an energy propulsion in engine bench tests being his experiences were commented positively by Association des Chimistes de France e pelo Empire Motor Fuel Committee (1920-30s)

Discovered vehicle acceleration tests

With Lauro de Barros Siciliano made fundamental research about the viability of using ethanol as carburant in internal combustion engines (1937) and developed the first Brazilian modern prototypes of ethanol-powered engines in the automotive industry

Demonstrated the alcohol requirements for greater efficiency as fuel in gasoline engines

Demonstrated that the mixture 90% gasoline and 10% anhydrous alcohol didn't require adjustment

Developed a carburetor and a cooling system that enable the use of anhydrous alcohol with varying compression rates without causing corrosion and suggesting an auxiliary gasoline tank for cold start

Discovered that hydrated alcohol wasn't impraticable for combustion

Observed the economic viability of methanol and ammonia production from eucalyptus gasification (1955)

Developed an electrical process to turn wood and coal into methanol   


Aperfeiçoamento introduzido no circuito de alimentação de um motor diesel destinado a permitir a utilização de metanol dissociado como combustível principal do mesmo PI7900933-6 B1 (1979)