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Carlos Ochoa

Carlos Manuel Ochoa Nieves, Peruvian plant breeder and botanist (Cusco 27 November 1920 – Lima 11 February 2008)

Gained international recognition as plant breeder and expert in economic botany  

Authored over 150 publications

Described 88 species and 101 subspecies, varieties and forms in Solanaceae (about 70 are wild potato species)

Created potato varieties such as Renacimiento, Yungay, Mantaro, antarqui e Tomasa Condemayta


William Brown Center Award for Plant Genetic resources (2001)

Distinguished Botanist, Society for Economic Botany (1997)

Feinstein Hunger Award, Brown University (1994)

Honorary Member, New York Academy of Sciences (1993)

Houssay Prize, OAS (1992)

Frank N. Meyer Medal, Crop Science Society of America (1991)