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Ayub Khan Ommaya

Ayub Khan Ommaya, Pakistani neurosurgeon (Mian Channu, Punjab 14 April 1930 – Islambad 11 July 2008)

From Pakistani Muslim father and French Catholic mother
Authored over 175 articles, chapters and books
Invented Ommaya reservoir (1963)
Published the first coma score for classification of traumatic brain injury (1966)
With Di Chiro & Doppman pioneered spinal angiography (1967)
Reported the treatment of spinal cord arterio-venous malformation by percutaneous embolization of an intercostals artery using stainless steel pellets (1968)
First reported cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea occurring with primary empty sella
Invented an inflatable collar that attaches to motorcycle helmets as a protection against spinal injury

Developed techniques for topic cooling of brain

Invented apparatus and technique for chronic implantation in human head and spine


Invented the first spinal fluid driven artificial organ. US Patent 5385582 (1995)