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Alaide Braga de Oliveira

Alaíde Braga de Oliveira, Brazilian plant chemist (Morada Nova de Minas, Minas Gerais State 10 March 1941 –


With L.R. Simões, G.M. Maciel, G.C. Brandão, J.D. Souza Filho & R.O. Castilho. Chemical constituents of Distictella elongata (Vahl) Urb. (Bignoniaceae). Anais Acad. Bras. Ciencias 85(3):873-9, 2013 (first report of a flavone heteroside in a species of the Bignoniaceae family)

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Developed benzyleugenol, a convulsant drug (1978)

With E. Wenkert, H.E. Gottlieb & Hagmann isolated emmotines, terpenoids from Emmotum nitens (1974)

With R. Braz Filho, V.T. Shaat, M.F.F. Leite & O.R. Gottlieb. Novel constituents of Virola multinervia. Cien. Cult. 25:563, 1973


With S.K.V. Bertolucci, A.B.D. pereira, J.E.B.P. Pinto, J.A.A. Ribeiro & F.C. Braga. Development and validation of an RP-HPLC method for quantification of cinnamic acid derivatives and kaurane-type diterpenes in Mikania laevigata and Mikania glomerata. Planta Medica 75:280-5, 2008

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A short and efficient route to azafluorenones (1988)

Ortho-furanonaphthoquinones. A simple route to angular analogs (1988)

Process for production of threonine methyl esther (1987)


With M.F. Dolabela, M.T. Martins, D.L.N. Brandão, E.S. Borges, S. Percario, A.M.R. Marinho et al. Method for producing a plant extract and fraction, pharmaceutical compositions and use thereof WO20150132421 (2013)

With A.O. da Silva, A.D. Almeida, D.L.N. Brandão, E.S. Borges, E.F. Mota, F. Vasconcelos et al. Composition and use of Aspidosperma nitidum ethanolic extract as antiplasmodic agent BR 10 2012 019426 A2 (2012)

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With M.F. Dolabela, G.C. Brandão, M.T. Martins, E.S. Borges, D.L.N. Brandão et al. Composition of ethanolic extract and dichloromethane fraction rich in naphthoquinones and use as antimalarial agent BR 10 2012 0194236 A2 (2012)

With E.G. Kroon & G.C. Brandão. Pharmaceutical composition containing Myracrodruon urundeuva and use BR 10 2012 001453 0 A8 (2012)

With E.G. Kroon & G.C. Brandão. Antiviral pharmaceutical compositions containing extract, fractions and/or isolated compounds of Arrabidaea pulchra and use PI1106466-8 A2 (2011)

With F.P. Varotti & R. Batista. Anti-malaria pharmaceutical compositions containing kaurenic diterpene derivatives BR PI1015495-7 (2010) & WO2012 083408 A8 (2012) 

With E.G. Kroon & G.C. Brandão. Pharmaceutical composition containing acylated mangiferin derivatives and use PI1001164-1 A2 (2010)

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