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Tatsuhiko Nakano

Tatsuhiko Nakano, Japanese / Venezuelan natural products chemist (Osaka 04 February 1925 – Kyoto October 2004)

Authored over 100 papers, 4 book chapters and one book

Isolated about 40 active physiologically compounds from a number of plants

Elaborated new methods for synthesis of active biologically sesquiterpenes

Synthesized 7 active biologically metabolites with antiinflamatory and antiviral action from Porifera


With R. Torrellas Hidalgo, A. Martin, J.D. Medina & M.A. Maillo. An efficient method for the synthesis of methyl 12α-hydroxy-isocopal-13(14)-en-15-oate, a key precursor to a variety of sesterterpene marine sponge metabolites. Nat. Prod. Letters 12(2):139-43, 1998

With M.I. Hernandez. Reaction of methyl 12-hydroxy abietan-8,11,13-triene19-oate with thallium (III) perchlorate. Formation of a lactose with a new rearranged skeleton (1984)  

With M.E. Aguero. A new, efficient synthesis of (+)-isodrimenin (1982)

With A. Cataldi Spinelli. Formation of a new diterpene with novel structure (1978)

Studies on Buxus alkaloids: isolation and structure elucidation of eleven new alkaloids from B. microphylla Sieb. Zucc. var. sufruticosa Makino (1967)