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Subramanian Nagarajan

Subramanian Nagarajan, Indian plant pathologist (Chennai November 1945 –

Gained international recognition as wheat pathologist

Formulated Indian stem rust rules for Puccinia graminis tritici

With H. Singh. Indian stem rust rules – an epidemiological concept on the spread of wheat stem rust. Plant Dis. Rep. 59:133-6, 1975


With J. Kumar, A.K. Sharma & R. Kumar. A new technique to develop artificial epiphytotics of foliar blight in wheat (Triticum aestivum). Ind. J. Agric. Sci. 69(1):48-51, 1999

With S.K. Nayar, P. Bahadur & S.B. Singh. Occurrence of new virulent pathogenic forms in race 77 of Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici in India. Curr. Sci. 56: 844-5, 1987  

With P. Bahadur. The proposed brown rust of wheat (Puccinia recondita) virulence monitoring system. Curr. Sci. 52:413-6, 1983

With L.M. Josh. A linear model for seven day forecast of stem rust severity. Ind. Phytopath. 31:504-6, 1978

With A.S. Summanwar. A new local lesion host for tobacco mosaic virus. Ind. Phytopath. (1973)

With H. Singh. Satellite television cloud photography. A new method to study wheat stem rust uredospore dissemination. Proc. Sec. Gen. Congr. Sabrao (1973)