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Severo Navia

Severo Navia, Mexican chemist and mineralogist (Silao, Guanajuato State 1842 – 1903)

With V. Fernandez discovered the mineral species guanajuatite (1873) described by del Castillo

With Fernandez discovered several chemical compounds 

With Fernandez developed the alcoholic tincture of Guayacán resin as a reagent for recognizing manganese oxides, alkalis and alkaline carbonates (1886)

Empleo de una sola lamina de turmalina, para reconocer si una substancia birefringente és de una o dos ejes de doble refracción (Employment of one tourmaline slide for verifying if a birefringent substance displays one or two axis of double refraction). La Naturaleza 1(4):33-4, 1878

His mineralogical works were winning-prize in World Exposition at Paris (1900)