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Roddam Narasimha

Roddam Narasimha, Indian fluid dynamicist (Bangalore, Karnataka 20 July 1933 – Bangalore, Karnataka 14 December 2020)

Authored over 200 papers and 5 books

Internationally known for his studies of transition between laminar and turbulent flow, the structure of shock waves, various characteristics of fully developed turbulent flow, the fluid dynamics of clouds, near-surface temperature distributions and eddy fluxes in tropical atmospheric boundary layers

His models for the transition zone between laminar to turbulent flows are widely used

Proposed new scaling laws for atmospheric turbulent flow in the tropics

Showed that swept wings characteristic of modern transport aircraft can sometimes experience several transition cycles within the immediate neighborhood of the leading edge

With K.G. Rao enunciated a new formulation for surface flux at low winds (2006)

With G.S. Bhat & V.H. Arakeri. A new method of producing local enhancement of buoyancy in liquid flows. Exp. Fluids 7:99-102, 1989