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Plutarco Naranjo

Plutarco Floresmilo Naranjo Vargas, Ecuadorian allergologist and pharmacologist (Ambato 18 June 1921-  Quito 27 April 2012)

Authored 300 papers ou monographs and 94 books and leaflets  

Demonstrated that plants death during hoar-frost is due to changes in pH towards acidity with clotting of intracellular coloids

Demonstrated that three antihistaminic substances association presented a synergic effect with decreasing  of side effects. This paved a way towards a drug named Hista3

Suggested incorporate penicillin to a pectin colloid solution that became Radualine


El sistema neurovegetativo

Timo, Inmunición y Alergia (1965)

Farmacologia: reacciones indeseables por drogas (1969)

La Etnomedicina em el Ecuador y la Medicina Tradicional Aborigen

Necrosis fría de las plantas (1947)

With E. Banda de Naranjo. Inactivation of the antihistaminic drugs in the liver and in the gastrointestinal tract. J. Allergy 24(5):442-5, 1953

Toxicity of histamine: lethal doses. Handbook Exp. Pharmacol. 18(1):179-201, 1966