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Pablo Negroni

Pablo Negroni Rava, Argentine medical mycologist (Buenos Aires 03 June 1904 – Buenos Aires 04 June 1992)

Described a new skin disease

With P.L. Baliña. Intertrigo des orteils et onyxis dus à un nouveau parasite. Ann. Dermat. Syphil. Ser 7 3:8-20, 1932 

Developed first vaccine for actinomycosis 
Vacuna curativa de la actinomicosis. Rev. Arg. Derm. 16:45-52, 1932

First to apply auxanographic method to filamentous fungi (1938)



Fonsecaea 1936

Pseudallescheria 1944 with I. Fischer


Acremonium spinosum 1933 (agent of superficial white onychomycosis)

Chrysosporium spinulosum 1963 with Freire

Geotrichum redaelli 1940 with I. Fischer

Nectaromyces rattus 1947 with Daglio

Prototheca ciferrii 1941 with Blastein (recognized today as a protozoan)

Pseudallescheria shearii 1944 with I. Fischer

Trichophyton areolatum 1929

Trichosporon proteolyticum 1939 with Villafañe


An auxanogram technique with Daglio

A procedure for a single cell culture (1931)

Negroni vacuum storage drying technique for maintaining stock cultures for Dermatophyton, yeasts and molds (1938)

Negroni mounting liquid

A neopeptone-thiamine and glucose medium for Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Negroni medium for yeasts fermentation

Sordelli-Miravent-Negroni culture medium (1926)

Negroni germination spores test 

With C. Briz de Negroni. Nuevos métodos para la determinación de Candida albicans. Anales Soc. Cien. Arg (1956)

With C.A.N. Daglio. Nueva observaciones con nuestro medio con polisacaridios para el diagnostico rápido de Candida albicans. Anales Soc. Cien. Arg (1962) 

With C. Briz. Nueva técnica para el estudio auxanografico de las leveduras.Rev. Inst. Malbrán 16(2):112, 1954