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P. Susai Nathan

Prabala Susai Nathan or Prabala Susainathan, Indian entomologist and collector (18 April 1891 – 17 March 1976)


Some important pests of the Malay Peninsula. Proc. 5th Entom. Mtg. Pusa p.28-33, 1924

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With Y. Ramachandra Rao. A note on Pamtelphusa hydrodomus Herbst, the freshwater crab of South India. Proc. 5th Entom. Mtg Pusa p. 136-40, 1924

Birds friends and foes of farmers. Bull. Dept. Agric. Madras 81:24, 1921

With R.T.V. Ayyar & J.A. Muliyil. A preliminary investigation of  “pollu” disease of pepper disease in North Malabar (1918)


Nathanella Demoulin 1955 (Ephemeroptera)