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Mudumbai Seshachalu Narasimhan

Mudumbai Seshachalu Narasimhan, Indian mathematician (Thandarai, Tamil Nadu State 07 June 1932 – 16 May 2021)

Pioneer of the study of moduli spaces of holomorphic vector bundles on projective varieties
Proved Narasimhan-Seshadri theorem (1965)
With G. Harder introduced canonical filtrations on algebraic vector bundles 
With S. Ramanan proved the existence of universal connections in differential geometry (1961-3) and introduced the notion of Hecke correspondence between moduli spaces of vector bundles
With Nori proved that there are only finitely many smooth projective curves having a given abelian variety
With Simha showed the existence of a global moduli space


Drezet-Narasimhan theorem (1989)

Harder-Narasimhan stratification

Harder-Narasimhan filtration

Harder-Narasimhan categories 

Harder-Narasimhan numbers

Harder-Narasimhan polygons of vector bundles

Harder-Narasimhan recursion

Harder-Narasimhan reductions

Mumford-Narasimhan problem

Narasimhan-Ramanan invariants

Narasimhan-Ramanan moduli space

Narasimhan-Ramanan parameterization

Narasimhan-Ramanan singular curves

Narasimhan-Ramanan theorem

Narasimhan-Ramanan-Verra map

Narasimhan-Simha metric


King Faisal International Prize for Science (2006)