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Mandayam Jeersannidhi Narasimhan

Mandayam Jeersannidhi Narasimhan, Indian mycologist and plant pathologist (Madras 1891 - 24 September 1970)


First introduced fungicidal control measures for Koleroga disease of areca palm (1910s)


Established that debris of diseased nuts on the ground had oospores (1970)


First to show the mycotoxin due to Heterosporium in cereals


Postulated the concept of epicentre for the heteroecious rusts (1969)


Showed fungi Entomophthora lecani could be used for the biological control of insects on a massive scale

With M.J. Thirumalachar & M.C. Srinivasan established the morphological basis for differentiating Entomophthora from Conidiobolus 



Derexia 1970

Georgefischeria 1963 with Thirumalachar

Sclerophthora 1953 with Thirumalachar & Shaw


HONORS  (Fungi)

Narasimhania Thirumalachar & Pavgi 1952

Narasimhella Thirumalachar & Mathur 1966