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Jose Negrete Martinez

José Gabino Negrete y Martínez, Mexican neurophysiologist and computer scientist (Ciudad de Mexico 09 June 1929 –

First to set modulatory role of hormones in synaptic mechanism in a general way

Influencia de la Corteza Suprarrenal sobre el Sistema Exterofector. Bul. Inst. Estud. Med. Biol. 10(1-6):41-83, 1952

Discovered the selective and destructive manner that capsaicin affects upon synaptic vesicles and its modulatory nature

With G. Yankelevich. Anestesia local producida por capsaicina. Rev. Inst. Salubr. Enferm. Trop. Mexico 17(2):65-8, 1957

Discovered that newborn animals don’t display reflex palsy immediately after spinal cord lesions

With C. Guzmán, A. Fernandez & E.C. del Pozo. El choque espinal en gatos jóvenes. Bol. Inst. Estud. Med. Biol. Mex. 12(7):169-72, 1954

Enunciated the nature of information code of neural impulses chains

With G. Yankelevich, G. Theodoridis & L. Stark. Photosensitive neurons of the crayfish sixth ganglion as a dual system, each neuron carrying the same signal information. Quart. Progr. Report MIT 75:197-209, 1964

Authored a paper about diffusion processes of chemical means in synaptic sulcus

With J. del Castillo, I. Escobar & G. Yankelevich. Spreading activation of end-plate receptors by single transmitter quanta. Nature New Biology 235(57):158-62, 1972

Designed and invented a signal filter that detects strange waves in electroencephalogram

With W.A. Giloi. A pattern recognition filter for processing electrophysiological data. Bol. Inst. Est. Med. Biol. Mexico 24(1-3):13-21, 1966  


Designed an automatic medical diagnosis system using graphic computing techniques  and Bayesian theorem (1971-2)

With F. Bracho. A data structure for a diagnosis oriented informational system. Comun. Tecnicas CIMAS UNAM 4(22), 1973

Proposed a new auto-organization mechanism in conduct oriented modules

Used Minsky signs for representation of knowledge in artificial intelligence (1972)

Created an electronic system for simulation of abstract metabolic chains with educational purposes

Experi/Mentor: un aparato que tiene como objeto el auxiliar la enseñanza del método experimental y/o servir como instrumento para la evaluación de creatividad. Mem. XI Congr. Nac. Cienc. Fisiol. (1976)

With R. Hernandez del Pozo. An expert system for prediction of proneness to cardiovascular and cancer diseases based on behavioral traits. Mem 13th Ann. Conv. Assoc. Behav. Analysis (1987)


With P.P. Gonzalez Perez authored new multi-agent expert systems with emergent control (1998)