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Hermann Niemeyer

Hermann Niemeyer Fernandez, Chilean biochemist (Ovalle 26 October 1918 – Santiago de Chile 07 June 1991)

From German father
Authored over 100 papers
In Fritz Lippmann laboratory observed that oxidative phosphorylation resulting from respiratory chain in liver was ruled via ADP and other ATP phosphate acceptors availability
Proposed glycogen synthesis involving glyconucleotides in Metabolismo de los hidratos de carbono en el higado (1955)
His works on enzymes induction using diets and hormones gained international repercussion

With M.L. Cardenas, T. Ureta, L. Clark-Turri & J. Peñaranda discovered the sigmoidal kinetics of protein monomer (1975) 


Described 4 hexokinase isozymes