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Herch Moyses Nussenzveig

Herch Moyses Nussenzveig, Brazilian physicist (São Paulo 16 January 1933 –

His real birth date is June 1932 but recorded only in 1933

Son of Jewish Polish parents and brother of physician Israel Nussenzweig and parasitologist Victor Nussenzveig

His doctoral thesis with original contributions Solution of a diffraction problem I & II. The narrow double wedge was published in Philos. Trans. Royal Soc. A 252:1-30 & 31-51, 1959

Explained mathematically the light scattering that constitutes the rainbow

First explained colors decomposition close to shadows that form meteorological halo

Demonstrated that halo is a tunneling phenomenon (1969)

With M. Altarelli, D. L. Dexter & D.Y. Simon enunciated new sum rules for the optical constants (1972)

With W.J. Miscombe presented a new formulation of complex angular momentum theory (1991)

Developed optical tweezers that use laser light for in vivo manipulation of biological microstructures


Max Born Award, Optical Society (1986)

M.N. Chair, Tel Aviv University (1993)