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Antonio José da Costa Nunes

Antonio José da Costa Nunes, Brazilian geotechnical engineer (Rio de Janeiro 29 April 1916 - Rio de Janeiro 03 August 1990)


First to use tieback walls to stabilise a soil slope (1957) and developed the technique of excavating a wall from the top down as tie backs were installed

Information extracted from J.A.R. Ortigão & H. Brito. Tieback walls. In: Handbook of slope stabilization. Ortigão, J.A.R. & Sayão, Alberto S.F. (editors). 2004

Developed a new method for stabilizing rock slopes employing anchor bolts. Conceived reinforced concrete wall with anchored buttresses. This method was known as Brazilian method.

With Dirceu de Alencar Velloso & Fernando Sarto. A consolidação de taludes rochosos por meio de chumbadores. Rev. Clube de Engenharia de Juiz de Fora 1:, 1960. 


Applied Anchorage in Soil to Highways with Velloso and Sarto in late 1950s. Published in 1960 independently of Karl Bauer in Germany that published at the same year.


Created Press-anchorage, a new type of foundation

Presso-ancoragens, um novo tipo de fundação. Estrutura 18(78):40-45, 1977.    


Created micro-anchorage, a new system for restraint embankments using reinforced concrete’s iron bars and horizontal plates

With W.Craizer. Micro-ancoragens. Primeiro Seminário Regional de Mecânica de Solos e Engenharia de Fundações, Salvador, Bahia, May 1978.


Published a method for analysis of global stability

Nunes, A.J.C. & Velloso, D.A., Estabilização de taludes em capas residuais de origem granito-gnaissica. 2nd PanAmerican Conference on SMFE, Brazil 2:383-394, 1963.  
Published a method to estimate load capacity in micropiles (1974)

Published a method to estimate anchoring load capacity in soils

Ground Pre-Stressing, First Casagrande Lecture. 8th Pan American Conference on SMFE, Cartagena, Colombia, 1987.     

Developed a technique for mensuration of refraction indices using least shift method