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Victor F.B. de Mello

Victor Froilano Bachmann de Mello, Brazilian geotechnical engineer (Panaji, Goa 15 May 1926 – São Paulo 01 January 2009)
Son of Portuguese microbiologist Froilano de Mello (1887-1955) and German-Swiss mother

Influenced dam engineering throught the world for his research and developments on behavior of compacted saprolites and residual soils

Performed the first accurate report about penetration tests in shallow foundations (1967-71)

Patented Stabilization of Soils (Chemical Solidification) US2651619 


Landslides by maximized infiltration: fundamental revision of stability calculations and stabilizing drainages (2003)

Lessons of Adjustments to Tropical Saprolites and Laterites (1989)

Embankment dams and dam foundations (1989)

Destabilization of rockfill slopes (1986)

Foundations of Gravity Dams, Geochemical Interaction (1984)

Behavior of 2 high rockfill dams (1984)

Behaviour of Foundations and Structures (1977)

Philosophy of Statistics in Geotechnique (1975)

Some lessons from unsuspected, real and fictitious problems in earth dam engineering (1975)

Thoughts on soil engineering applicable to residual soils (1972)

The standard penetration test (1971)

Foundations on clays (1969)


Distinguished Foreign Scientist, National Science Foundation (1966-7)

Rankine Lecture (1977)

Foreign Member, US National Academy of Engineering (1980)

Life Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (1991)

President, International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (1981-5)