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Vicente Marcano

Vicente Marcano Echenique, Venezuelan scientist (Caracas 27 October 1848 – Valencia, Carabobo State 17 July 1891)
Brother of physician and anthropologist Gaspar Marcano
Performed studies on chemistry, agronomy, geology and anthropology


Synthesized a new molecule, the stibonium chloride

Sobre un Nuevo cuerpo. El cloruro de estibonio. (1878)

Discovered perseite from avocado seeds, leafs and fruits

With A.C. Muntz. Sur La perseite, matiere sucree analogue a La manite. Compt. Rend. 99 (1): 38-40, 1884 
Obtained a quercite-similar substance from Pouteria sapota
Obtained protein bromelin from Ananas comosus (1891), an important enzyme in chemical industry
Studied the chemical composition of fruits, cereals and toxic plants  
Performed important studies about panification and fermentation being most of these articles coauthored by famous Achille Muntz

Proposed new theories about fermentation process

Fermentation directe de la fécule. Mechanisme de cetté metamorphose. Compt. Rend. 95 (9): 856-9, 1882 

Demonstrated how yucca fermentation occurs in order to prepare yaraque, a native drink

Sur le Yaraque, boisson fermentee des tribus sauvages du haut Orenoque. Compt. Rend. 107 (19):743-5, 1888 

Explained the equatorial black waters

With A.C. Muntz. Sur les eaux noires des regions equatoriales. Compt. Rend. 107:908-9, 1888


Designed an industrial apparatus for disinfection of sugar cane alcohol employing fractional distillation

Aparato industrial para la desinfección del alcohol de caña por la destilación fraccionada. Tribuna Liberal, 29 October 1877

Some works about tropical plant physiology

Observations et experiences sur la circulation de la seve des vegetaux sous les tropiques. Compt. Rend. 97 (5): 340-2, 1883  

Recherches sur la transpiration des vegetaux sous les tropiques. Compt. Rend. 99 (1):53-5, 1884  

Essais de agronomie tropicale. Le cacaotier, Le cafetier, Le bananier. Ann. Sci. Agr. Fran. Etrang. P.119-52, 1891  


Important archaeological discoveries in Los Cerritos, Cerros de Luna and Ipi Boto 

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