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Silvio Machado

Silvio Machado, Brazilian mathematician (Porto Alegre 02 September 1932- Rio de Janeiro 28 July 1981)

With L. Nachbin & J.B. Prolla proved that the polynomials of finite type from a real locally convex space into another are dense in the space of all continuous function with the compact open topology

Enunciated Bishop-Machado theorem

On Bishop’s extension of the Stone-Weierstrass theorem. Indag. Math. 39:218-224, 1977.
Eponym of Machado lemma and Prolla-Machado condition

Aproximação ponderada em fibrados vetoriais. An. Acad. Bras.

Weighted Grothendieck subspaces. Trans. AMS 186

With J.B. prolla. An introduction to Nachbin spaces

With l. Nachbin & J.B. Prolla. Weighted approximation, vector fibrations and algebras of operators. J. Math. Pures Appl. 50:299-323, 1971

On Bishop’s generalization of Weierstrass-Stone theorem. Indag. Mathem. 39:218, 1977