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Santiago Antuñez de Mayolo

Santiago Angel de La Paz Antuñez de Mayolo Gomero, Peruvian engineer and physicist (Huaclán, Aija Province 10 January 1887 – Lima 20 April 1967)
Invented an electrolytic condensator employed in radio receptor and electronic equipments (1904)
Predicted the existence of neutron in Third Panamerican Scientific Congress, Lima (1924) and the existence of positron in Los Tres elementos constitutivos de la materia (1932)

Proposed an equation unifying electromagnetic and gravitational fields

Une meme equation pour le champ electromagnetique et le champ gravitationnel (1934)
Established the existence of 4 asteroids (1930)

Enunciated a Parabolic Law of Planetary Distances in Solar System

Nueva ley de las distancias planetarias en el sistema solar y su interpretación física (1926)
Performed important archaeological studies on Old Peruvian civilizations 

Physics Nobel Prize nominee (1943)