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Ricardo Miledi

Ricardo Miledi y Dau, Mexican neurobiologist (Ciudad de Mexico 15 September 1927 –
Authored over 500 publications
Performed classical studies and discoveries about mechanisms of synaptic and neuromuscular transmission
With B. Katz established that ion channels when acetylcholine stimulated let a current flow cells inward (1967-70)
With B. Katz showed the existence of ion channels in neuromuscular synapses
With B. Katz discovered that calcium ion influx in pre-synaptic terminal is required to produce  neurotransmitter release (1965)
With B. Katz introduced statistical analysis of transmitter induced voltage fluctuations (1972)

Described the Katz-Miledi technique for measurement of synaptic delay at neuromuscular junction (1965)

Discovered the plasticity of neurotransmitter receptors in the nervous system and how motor nerves control the chemical sensitivity of receptors at neuromuscular junctions
Introduced the concept of extra synaptic receptors
Introduced the concept of neuromodulation of synapse activity by endogenous agents (1960)
Gave the first evidence of spillover of the neurotransmitter 

Discovered a new type of neurotransmitters receptor that play a role in inhibit neurons behavior

Introduced technique of studying brain employing toad oocytes as model of neuron worldwide used


Member, Royal Society of London (1970)

Member, National Academy of Sciences (1989)

Honorary Member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Luigi Galvani Prize (1987)

International King Faisal Prize for Sciences (1987)