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Ricardo Francisco Marseillan

Ricardo Francisco Marseillan, Argentine-born Brazilian physiologist (Bahía Blanca 01 April 1933 – Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo State 04 May 1981)

His major scientific contributions are the study of the effects of antibiotics on the cochlea and vestibular apparatus


Methods for studying electric activity of auditory pathway

Techniques for implant of permanent electrodes for recording evoked potentials or single neuron activities

With M. Grellet & Colafemina developed the calorie test with electron nystagmographic recording (1969)

With J.V. P. Leite. Dourado eletrolítico de eletrodos para implantação permanente (1961)


Constructed stimulators, pre-amplifiers and other types of specialized electronic equipment

Developed a solid-state signing-wave stimulator for automatic frame identification of kymograph oscilloscope photographs in A solid state sine-wave stimulator. Phys. Behav. 19:339-40, 1977

Constant-current isolating unit adaptable to any stimulator (1980)


Brazilian J. Med. Biol. Res. 14:149, 1981