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Raul Marsal Cordoba

Raul Jaime Marsal Córdoba, Argentine-born Mexican geotechnical engineer (Buenos Aires 11 January 1915 – Ciudad de Mexico 02 December 1990)

Stablished worldwide used criteria for design in built works with rockfillings.

Proposed Marsal method

Large scale testing of rockfill materials. Journal of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. ASCE 93(2):27-43, 1967.


Proposed Marsal apparatus, a triaxial apparatus to test rockfill samples (1973)

Triaxial apparatus for testing rockfil samples. 2nd Panam. CSMFE, Brazil, vol. 2, 67, 1963.
Held at least 12 US patents.


Thomas A. Middlebrooks Award, American Society of Civil Engineers.


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