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Ramón Macías

Ramón Macías Zepeda, Mexican surgeon (Villa de los Reyes, Michoacán State 14 January 1856 – Ciudad de Mexico 04 September 1916)

With Regino Gonzalez performed the third case of perineal prostatectomy in the world using a new procedure (1896) that described in 1897 

Le cure radicale  du prostatisme: quelques idees originales et nouveaux chirurgicaux. Rev. d. Anat. Pathol. et Clin. Mexico (1897)

Introduced a number of improvements to hysterectomy 

Described a technique for intermittent drainage of pleura before Mozingo

La canalización intermitente de la pleura. Rev. Anat. Patol. Clin. 2:485-80, 1879

Developed a treatment for urethral narrowings (1885)


A dilator mirror for bladder

Curved handgrip needles for prostatectomy  

New dilator urethrotome

An automatic lancet or knife