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Paulo Mangabeira Albernaz

Paulo Mangabeira Albernaz, Brazilian otorrhinolaringologist (Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul 25 January 1896 – 23 April 1982)
Authored over 500 medical and non-medical works
Conceived a new method of corrosive paste applications for palatine amygdalae ablation (1921)
Employed bismuth salts for Plaut-Vincent angina and tropical ulcer. This approach attracted international interest 

O bismuto na angina de Vincent. J. Clinicos 23, 1922

Tratamento simples e practico da úlcera tropical. J. Clinicos 9, 1923

Described the diffuse leishmaniotic polyp of nasal septum or Mangabeira-Albernaz polyp (1924)

Albernaz maneuver

Cephalic nystagmus of position. Rev. Oto-Neuro-Oftal. 6:489-96, 1931

Possibly first reported a maxillary sinusitis of dental etiology

Etiologia dentaria da sinusite maxilar na criança. Clinica Oto-rino-laringologica (Estudos e Observações) p.334, 1933

Described the leishmaniotic rhinophyma (1934)
Novas ideias acerca da patogenia e da terapêutica do rinofima. Anais Otorrinol. 1(1), 1935

Presented a new incidence for radiographic study of ethmoid being a variant of axial incidence


Extra-capsullar tonsillectomy: standardization of technique. Rev. Bras. Otorrinolaringol. 22 (2): 152-63, 1954

Eponym of Mangabeira Albernaz anesthesic solution