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Pablo Luis Mirizzi

Pablo Luis Mirizzi Agueda, Argentine surgeon (Cordoba 25 January 1893 – Cordoba 28 August 1964)

Son of Italian immigrants
Authored over 200 works

Conceived intraoperative cholangiography or mirizzigraphy

With C. Quiroga Losada. La exploración de las vias biliares principales en el curso de la operación. (1931)  

Described Mirizzi syndrome 

Physiologic sphincter of the hepatic bile duct. Arch. Surg. 41:1325-33, 1940

Established primary suture for treatment of choledocus (1942)
Described Mirizzi sign (1942) and Mirizzi test or fistulography

Designed a radio surgical table

Eponym of Randall-Mirizzi forceps for calculi


President, International Congress of Surgery, Munich (1959)