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Oreste Moretto

Oreste Moretto Bassi, Argentine civil engineer (Las Varillas, Cordoba province 21 January 1916 – 1997)

Published a method to calculate negative friction known as Moretto-Bolognesi method (1959)

Pile Foundations Stressed by Negative Friction. Proc. First Pan-Am. Conf. on Soil Mech. Found. Eng. Mexico 1959. 3:315-325, 1959. 


Developed Bolognesi-Moretto splice.
Houssay Prize, Organization of American States (1979) 


An investigation of the Strength of welded stirrups in Reinforced Concrete Beams. Journal of American Concrete Institute. Proceedings V. 17(2): 141-162, 1945.
An investigation on effect of certain factors on the strength and compressibility of clays. Doctoral thesis. University of Illinois. 168 p., 1946.
Effect of natural hardening on the unconfined compression strength of remolded clays. Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. Soil Mech. 1:137-144, 1948.
Subsoil exploration for a bridge over the Parana River, Argentina. Geotechnique, London. 4(4):137-142, 1954.
With A.J.L. Bolognesi. Properties and Behaviour of Silty Soils originated from loess formations. Proc. 4th International Conference on Soil Mech & Found. Engin. 1:9, 1957.
With H.O. Ireland & M. Vargas. The dynamic penetration test: a standard that is not standardized. Geotechnique 20(2):185-192, 1970. 
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With A.J. L. Bolognesi. Stage Grouting Preloading of Large Piles on Sand. Proceedings 81 ICSMFE, Moscow, 1973.