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Nai Ben Ming

Nai Ben Ming or Naben Min, Chinese crystal physicist (Jiangsu Province 09 August 1935 –

Developed etching method for revealing dislocation lines and networks in body centered cubic crystals

First to observe the birefringence image of end on screw dislocations and gave it a detailed explanation according to the anisotropy of both elastic and photoelastic properties of crystals

Described the defect mechanism of crystal growth based on atomic configurations around defects and its intrinsic properties

Generalized the screw dislocation mechanism to the growth mechanism assisted by any type of dislocation proposing new growth mechanisms

Proposed the stacking fault, twin lamella, re-entrance corner-assisted growth mechanism and the cooperative growth mechanism of re-entrance corners with rough surface

First to show the physical nature of electroconvection and its role in pattern selection on electrocrystallization

Proposed a new pattern selection hypothesis in morphological evolution 

Demonstrated experimentally the role of convective noise near growing interface on the morphology selection and evolution in crystallization

Revealed the intrinsic oscillation of concentration field in front of a growing interface and periodic nucleation in fractal aggregation

Extended the concept of superlattice from semiconductor to dielectrics

First to prepare LN, LT, BNN, SBN & TGS crystals with periodic semistructures

Demonstrated the practical application of quasiperiodic superlattice in nonlinear optical field

Predicted and proved a new mechanism for optical bistability in bidimensional dielectric superlattice