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Montenegro brothers

Benedito Augusto de Freitas Montenegro, Brazilian surgeon (Jaú, São Paulo State 07 April 1888 – São Paulo 22 August 1979)
From Spanish father
Internationally known as a great name in gastro duodenal surgery 

Performed the first total gastrectomy in Americas (1923)
Developed a number of surgical methods between them Montenegro method or Finsterer-Montenegro method for treating gastro duodenal ulcers 

Eponym of Montenegro ligament

As a soccer player played for Associação Atletica Mackenzie (1902-5)


His brother, João Baptista de Freitas Montenegro, anatomical pathologist (Bocaina, São Paulo State 05 October 1892 - São Paulo 19 December 1980)

Described Montenegro reaction or test for cutaneous leishmaniasis

A cutis reação na leishmaniose. An. Fac. Med. São Paulo 1:323-330, 1926 

Cutaneous reaction in Leishmaniasis. Archiv. Dermat. Syphilol. 13:187-94, 1926 

Performed the first experimental model for paracoccidioidomycosis research (1927)