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Monge family

Carlos Monge Medrano, Peruvian physician (Lima 13 December 1884 – Ancón, Lima 15 February 1970)

Authored over 150 scientific works on medicine, parasitology, biology, Andean pathology, anthropology and history

Described Monge disease or chronic mountain sickness (1925) its simptomatology and pathogeny

Defined physiological and anatomical mechanisms of adaptation to high elevations

Showed that coca leaf chewing played a role in aiding the metabolism in high-altitude populations

Proposed the concept of Andean Biology


Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Chicago (1948)
His son  Carlos Augusto Monge Cassinelli, physician (Lima 01 September 1921 – Lima 25 February 2006)
Authored over 600 publications on diverse fields such as renal disease and biology of animals adapting to the high altitudes
Regarded as world authority on high altitude diseases


First presented the lactate paradox (1948)

With G. Whittembury & A. Cazorla first to study the pulmonary blood volume in altitude inhabitants (1950s)

First demonstrated that anurans show adaptation to the high altitude environment

Developed a classic log-log graph relating the P50 to the animal weight

Distinguished phenotypically adapted animals from genotypically adapted animals relative to life in high altitudes

Showed that hematocrit rises significantly with age at high altitudes   

Defined quantitatively the physiopathological mechanisms that gave rise to the appearance of Chronic Mountain Sickness

Enunciated the concept of concentration of optimal hemoglobin for life at high altitudes

Showed an inverse correlation between the hematocrit and the renal plasma flow

Developed a method for the measurement of hexametonium in blood showing its extracellular distribution

Developed sensors that enable continuous measurement of arterio-venous content of oxygen and P50 (1980s)

Honorary Member, American College of Physicians (1978) & University of Alabama (1980)

IX International Hypoxia Symposium, Lake Louise, Alberta (1995) dedicated to him