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Fatin Gokmen, Turkish astronomer (Akeksi 06 January 1877 – Istanbul 1955)

Conceived of using a particular quadrant to make a table of the minimum and maximum values of the variations of the azimuth and the hour angle for a certain latitude 

His son, Tarik Gokmen, astronomer (Istanbul 26 November 1918 – 1985)

Group-sequence criterion for series of observations. Rev. Fac. Sci. Univ. Istanbul Serie C 19(3):171-92, 1954 

William Deab Nimeh, Lebanese gastroenterologist (Deir El Kamar 27 July 1891 - ?)

Developed Nimeh method for the determination of the size of the liver and spleen by hepatosplenography and hepatosplenometry

New method for the determination of the size of the liver and spleen. Am. J. Gastroent. 23:147-56, 1955

Un metodo nuevo para la determinación del tamaño del hígado y del bazo (1974)

Salah Daoud Salman, Lebanese otorhinolaringologist (Beirut 24 January 1936 –

With D.F. Proctor, D.L. Swift & S.A. Evering. Nasal resistance: a description of a method and effect of temperature and humidity changes. Ann. Otol. Rhinol. Laryngol. 80:736-43, 1971  

A new stent for endoscopic sinus surgery. Otolaryngol. Head, Neck Surg. 109:780-1, 1993