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José Guadalupe Aguilera Serrano, Mexican geologist and paleontologist (Mapimi, Durango State 05 February 1857 – Ciudad de Mexico 13 March 1941)

Colaborated to Mexican Geological Chart, presented in Universal Exposition of Paris with great success (1889)

First to describe the formation of kaolin in basaltic rocks (1907)

Gustavo Calderón Riveroll, Mexican geophysicist and geographer (San Pablo Apetatitlán, Tlaxcala State 11 February 1942 – Manzanillo, Colina State 19 April 2016)

Obtained the first measurements of motions of Earth tectonic plaques (1991) that earned him NASA Group Achievement Award

Ovidio Farga Torrent, Mexican

Invented a phone viewfinder (telefonovisor) in 1970 and the videocine (a forerunner of video recorder)


José María Roque de Jesus Macouzet Malo, Mexican pediatric surgeon (Morelia, Michoacán State 16 August 1870 – 24 November 1921)

From French descent

Reported the first arterial embolectomy with catheter

Consideraciones acerca de dos casos de gangrena producida por embolias. Mem. II Congr. Med. Panam. Mexico II:31, 1896