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Mauro Taveira Magalhães

Mauro Taveira Magalhães, Brazilian plant chemist (Rio de Janeiro 24 May 1929 - 1997)


Identified and isolated the first odoriferous nitroderived compound (1-nitro-2-phenylethane) in essential oils

With O.R. Gottlieb. Occurrence of 1-nitro-2-phenylethane in Ocotea pretiosa and Aniba canelilla. J. Org. Chem. 24:2070, 1959.

Discovered dalbergiones, a new class of natural products  and suggested the name neoflavanoids

With W.B. Eyton, W.D. Ollis, I.O. Sutherland, L.M. Jackman & O.R. Gottlieb. The neoflavanoid group of natural products. I. Dalbergiones: a new group of natural products. Tetrahedron 21(9):2683-96, 1965  

Isolated a new type of natural 6-styryl-2-pyrones from Aniba parviflora and showed the natural occurrence of 6-styryl-2-pyrones and reported a general route for their synthesis

With A.M. Bittencourt, O.R. Gottlieb, W.B. Mors, S. Mageswaran, W.D. Ollis & I.O. Sutherland. The natural occurrence of 6-styryl-2-pyrones and their synthesis. Tetrahedron 27(5):1043-8, 1971

With V. da Silva, O.R. Gottlieb, H.E. Gottlieb & M.A. Alvarenga obtained diasin, a novel rearranged labdanic diterpene (1978)


Developed a method for volumetric determination of ionic nitrate 

With O.R. Gottlieb. Determinação volumétrica do íon nitrato. Bol. Inst. Quim. Agr. 47:7-18, 1956

With M. Koketsu & L.L. Moura. Estimativa de eugenol em oleos essenciais através do reagente de Gibbs. An. Acad. Bras. Ciencias 43 (1971)


Developed a Clevenger apparatus modified 

With O.R. Gottlieb. Modified distillation trap. Chemist. Analyst 49(4):114, 1960.

With P. Henriques Mendes. Simples dispositivos para o registro de cromatoplacas. An. Assoc. Bras. Quim. 27:177, 1968


With O.R. Gottlieb. Isolation of piperonylic acid from Ocotea pretiosa. Nature 182:742-3, 1958


With M. Koketsu & V.C. Wilberg. Processo de obtenção de 1-carvona a partir de d-limoneno PI8200508-7 B1(1982)