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Marcos Moshinsky

Marcos Moshinsky Borodiansky, Ukrainian-born Jewish Mexican physicist (Kiev 20 April 1921 – Ciudad de Mexico 01 April 2009)
Authored over 300 papers and 5 books (about 5000 citations)


Discovered the diffraction in time (1952)
Introduced the concept of transformation parenthesis or brackets for functions of harmonic oscillation (1959)

With T.A. Brody prepared the tables of transformation brackets
With V. Bargmann introduced the systematic use of harmonic oscillators to solve problems in physics (1960-1)
With P. Kramer introduced states of permutation symmetry (1966-8)
Invented Dirac oscillator


Houssay Prize, OAS (1990)

UNESCO Prize for Scientific Research (1997)

Eugene Wigner Medal (1998)

Weizmann Award, Weizmann Institute (2003)

Doctor Honoris Causa, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany (2000)


Moshinsky parenthesis or brackets

Gelfand-Moshinsky bases

Dirac-Moshinsky oscillator

Bargmann-Moshinsky operator

Bargmann-Moshinsky space  

Talmi-Moshinsky transformation 

Talmi-Moshinsky rule

Quesne-Moshinsky transforms 

Nagel-Moshinsky operators 

Moshinsky-Smirnov coefficients

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