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Luis Mazzotti

Luis Mazzotti Galindo, Mexican tropical physician (Durango 12 January 1900 – Ciudad de Mexico 24 October 1971)

From Italian father

Authored about 150 works on parasitology, scorpionism and rural hygiene

Observed the effect of diethylcarbamazine (hetrazan) for serological diagnosis of onchocerciasis (1944) from which developed Mazzotti test or reaction

The feasibility of using the allergic reactions which follow the administration of hetrazan as an auxiliary means of diagnosis in onchocerciasis. Rev. Inst. Salud Enferm. Tropicales Mex. 9:935, 1948

Developed a simple method for photographing helminth preparations

With M. Martínez Baez. Metodos sencillos para obtener fotografias de preparaciones de helmintos. Rev. Inst. Salub. Enferm. Tropicales 16(2):25-6, 1956

Invented a protective method  against scorpions employing a tile strip around walls 

Algunas modificaciones a la técnica de las amputaciones (Some modifications into amputations technique) (1925)


Borrelia dugesii 1949 (Bacteria)

Ornithodoros dugesi 1943 (Acari)

Triatoma hegneri 1940 (Hemiptera)


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