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Juliano Moreira

Juliano Moreira, Brazilian neuropsychiatrist  (Salvador 06 January 1873 – Rio de Janeiro 02 May 1933)
Authored over 112 papers
Performed studies on psychiatry and tropical medicine
Studied mental perturbations in leprosy

His doctoral thesis Etiologia da sífilis magna precoce (1891) received international attention
Published Neue pathologischer anatomischer und klinischer zur Kenntniss des Ainhum, a anatomical pathology study on ainhum that was very cited by European physicians (1900)

Established a criterion for characterize the symptoms of paranoia

With A. Peixoto. Paranoia e os syndromes paranoides. Brasil Medico (1904) & Arq. Bras. Psiq. Neurol. Cie. Afins 1(1):5-33, 1905

With A. Peixoto authored La paranoia legitime, son origine et nature (1905) in which exposed original ideas with repercussion in medical circles 


Honorary President, IV International Congress of Mental Diseases, Berlin (1900)

Honorary President, International Congress of Mental Diseases, Milano (1907)

Correspondent Member, Royal Medical Psychological Association, London (1909)

The one person of American Continent honoured as proeminent psychiatrist in the world by Psychiatrische, Neurologische Wochenschrift (1910)

Honorary Member, Société de Médicine Mentale de Belgique (1913)

Sacred Treasure Order, Japan (1928)

Gold Medal, Hamburg University (1929) 

Honorary Member, Japanese Society of Neurology & Psychiatry and German medical academies