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Juan Cesar Mussio Fournier

Juan Cesar Mussio Fournier, Uruguayan endocrinologist and neurologist (Montevideo 07 February 1890 – Montevideo 03 April 1961)
From Genovese and French ancestry

Authored 214 papers 

Described Mussio Fournier syndrome

With A. Garra. Troubles neurologiques produits par l’oedeme de Quincke. Revue Neurol. 1(6):1444-7, 1932.

Described the clinical features of restless legs syndrome

With F. Rawak. Familiares auftreten vom pruritus urtikaria und parasthetischer hyperkinese der unteren extremitaten. Conf in Neurol. III:110-4, 1940

Described the association between narcolepsy and Erb-Goldflam disease

Consideration générale sur la narcolepsie et le maladie de Erb-Goldflam. Estud. Clin. Med. (1929)

Described the association between Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome, Legg-Perthes disease and Telfort-Smith finger

With J.P. Saralegui. Sindrome de Laurence-Moon-Biedl avec diabete insipide y maladie de Legg-Perthes et doight de Telfort-Smith. Bull. Med. Soc. Med. Hop. Paris (1948)  


First to demonstrate that testicular tumours may produce folliculine
Introduced melanophorin therapy for treatment of ocular diseases


Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Paris

Medicine & Physiology Nobel prize nominee (1950)


Hutinel-Mussio Fournier syndrome (hemiparesia associated to myxoedema)

Mussio Fournier sign (changes in aquilian reflex seen in myxoedema)

Mussio Fournier-Cerviño sign (infantile myxedema associated to hunger infantilism)

Mussio Fournier-Albrieux-Grosso test for quantitative determination of progesterone