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Jose Luis Massera

 Jose Luis Massera Lerena, Italian-born Uruguayan mathematician (Genoa 08 June 1915 – Montevideo 09 September 2002)

Gained international recognition for his studies on non-linear differential equations


Notion of admissibility with J.J. Schaeffer

Notion of exponential dichotomy (1958) with J.J. Schaeffer

New notions of stability

Definition of equiasymptotic stability with J.J. Schaeffer

Operator opening with J.J. Schaeffer

Concept of dichotomy of phase space with J.J. Schaeffer

Demonstrated variety stable theorem (1950s)



Massera converse theorem

Massera functions

Massera equations

Massera principle

Massera condition

Massera convergence theorem

Massera criterion (1958)

Massera lemma

Massera-Schaeffer existence theorem

Massera-Schaeffer inequality

Levinson-Massera inequalities

Malkin-Massera theorem