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Jose Barros Magaldi

José Barros Magaldi, Brazilian clinical researcher (Tatuí, São Paulo State 23 May 1913 – 09 February 1978)

Authored over 50 works

His studies about arterial hypertension are classical works in international specialized literature

Established a general formula for all the cases of cardiac compensation (tachycardia, dilation and hypetrophy)

Os mecanismos de compensação cardíaca. Seara Médica 2(4):370, 1942

Sobre um novo tipo de bloqueio aurículo-ventricular (About a new type of atrioventricular block). O Hospital 22(5):695, 1942

With C.V. de Faria & E. Sabbaga. Técnica para determinação de substâncias anti-diuréticas (1951)

First report in medical literature to reproduce in man the nephrotic syndrome by utilization of aminonucleoside in lab animals

With I. Nussenzveig, C.V. de Faria & J.L. de Faria. Aminonucleoside induced nephrotic syndrome in human beings. Proc. 2nd Int. Congr. Nephrol. (1963)

First report in literature about the occurrence of a true polyuria in the diuretic phase

With I. Nussenzveig, E. Vasconcellos, E. Sabbaga, C. Villela de Faria, H. Pastore, T. Adachi & J.P. Rodrigues Lima. Acute renal failure produced by snake-bite of the Crotalus and Bothrops genera: occurrence of a true polyuria in the diuretic phase . IV Intern. Congr. Nephrol. (1969)

Analysed the calcium and phosphate transport in each segment of Henle loop

With A.S. Rocha & J.P.Kokko. Calcium and phosphate transport in isolated segments of rabbit Henle’s loop. J. Clin. Invest. 59:875-93, 1977

With A.S. Rocha. Calcium and phosphate transport in isolated segments of rabbit’s Henle loop. J. Clin. Invest. 59:975, 1977 (with good repercussion)


Modified Harrison-Grollman-William plethysmograph for experimental arterial pressure in rat tail

Estudos sobre a pressão arterial experimental. São Paulo Med. (1944)

Aparelho para medir a pressão arterial do rato (1950)

With S. Tsuzuki, O.M. Gomes, N. Gushi, A.S. Rocha & G. Verginelli. Bomba para infusão venosa contínua com baixo fluxo. Novo modelo (1974)

With D.A. Mateos Filho, S. Tsuzuki, O.M. Gomes, N. Gushi & E. Ribeiro. Novo modelo de tubo venoso para hemodiálise acoplado a uma fotocélula (1974)