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José Mordoh

José Mordoh, Argentine molecular biologist and oncologist (Buenos Aires 19 February 1939 -
Authored over 115 papers
Demonstrated the fundamental role of cellular membrane in transduction of mitogenic signs  to nucleus  
Demonstrated the presence of stem cells in breast cancer
Established melanoma and breast cancer human cells lines for studies in vitro and in vivo
With Susan Blau. A new element in the control of DNA initiation in Escherichia coli. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 69(10):2895-8, 1972


With O.L. Podhajcer, S.L. de Cerone & A.I. Bravo. Monoclonal antibodies reactive with tumour proliferating cells. US Patent 5753229 (1994)

With O.L. Podhajcer, M.F. Ledda, S.K. Adris, A.I. Bravo & Y. Chernaovsky. Compositions and methods for tumour therapy. WO1998/029138 & EP0950097 (1999) 

With M.M. Barrio & E.M. Von Euw. Cell lines, compositions comprising them for the treatment of melanomas, procedures to prepare the compositions, and treatment methods. WO2008126039