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Jnanendra Nath Mukherjee

Jnanendra Nath Mukherjee, Indian chemist (Mahavdepur, Rajshahi District, today Bangladesh 23 April 1893 – 10 May 1983)

Internationally respected as a colloid chemist

Enunciated theory of the electro kinetic double layer and its ionic constitution (1919)

Performed important studies on soil colloids recognized in Europe

Developed and improved tools and techniques for studies of soil colloids

With N.C. Sen Gupta developed a simple rotary viscometer for the study of anomalous viscous properties (1942)


Developed technique for conductometric and electrometric titration of acid-sols 

Boundary method for determination of the cataphoretic speed of colloidal particles

Sources of error in the measurement of the electrical charge of colloidal particles by the method of moving boundaries: an improved method based on a direct measurement of the potential gradient across the boundary. Proc. Roy. Soc. 103:102, 1928

With N.C. Sen Gupta. The velocity gradient method for the measurement of viscous properties of non-netonian liquids. Ind. J. Physics 16:49-53, 1941

With N.C. Sen Gupta. Methods of measuring yield value, viscosity and thixotropy. Ind. J. Physics 16:54-65, 1941

With M.K. Indra. A method of differentiation of crude oils based on chromatography capillary analysis and fluorescence in UV light. Nature 154:734-5, 1944

Papers in Nature

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