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Hossein Mirchamsy

Hossein Mirchamsy, Iranian immunologist and virologist (1916 – 2008)

Authored 132 papers and 3 books

With A. Sassani, A. Shafyi, P. Ahourai, J. Razavi et al. Development of a new live attenuated mumps virus vaccine in human diploid cells. Biologicals 19(3):203-11, 1991 

With S. Bahrami, A. Shafyi et al. The isolation and characterization of a human diploid cell strain and its use in production of measles vaccine. J. Biol. Stand. 14:75-9, 1986

With S. Bahrami, M. Amighi & A. Shafyi. Development of a camel kidney cell strain and its use in virology.

With F. Rapp. A new overlay for plaquing animal viruses. Exp. Biol. Med. 129(1):13-17, 1968

Developed a culture medium for Aedes albopictus cells (1970)

Developed an inactivated vaccine for African horse sickness (1969)

Developed a viral plaque assay (1968)

Modified Siena method of antirabies serum for horses and mules (1963)

With Rafyi developed a method to prepare goat pox vaccine (1956)