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Harold Walter Bell-Marley

Harold Walter Bell-Marley, English-born South African fisheries expert and entomological collector (Richmond, Surrey 1873 – Durban, Natal Province 27 January 1946)
Collected new species of fishes, insects and mollusks


Hunting the hump-back whale. The Zoologist. 4th series 13:201, 1913

Some notes on a luminous South African fulgorid insect (Rhinortha guttata Wlk.) together with a description of its parasitic lepidopterous larva. Zoologist p.281-91, 1913

An account of eggs collected on the Pongola River, Northern Zululand. Ostrich 4:49-62, 1933

Note on Abraxas grossulariata. Entomologist 26:219-20,


Marleyia Distant 1909 (Hemiptera)

Marleyimyia Hesse 1956 (Diptera)

Marleyella Fowler (Pisces)