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Haity Moussatché

Haity Moussatché, Sephardic Jewish Brazilian pharmacologist (Vourlá village, near Smirna 21 February 1910 – Rio de Janeiro 24 July 1998)
Authored over 200 works
Studied anaphylactic reaction in laboratory animals, pharmacological properties of snake venoms fractions, reactivity of smooth and striated muscles and natural products from plants  
Gained international recognition due to his works about anaphylactic and peptone shocks

With N.A. Pereira gave pioneering contributions to knowledge of corticotrophic hormones

Established the release of great amount of histamine in anaphylactic and peptonic shocks 


With A. Prouvost Danon proved that histamine release in anaphylactic and peptonic shocks requires energy obtained from metabolic coupling with energy-rich phosphates by oxidative phosphorylation with great international repercussion (1954-1966)

With A. Ozorio de Almeida & M. Vianna Dias. Recherches sur l’attaque epileptiforme produite par le refroidissement brusque de la moelle épiniere. Premier mémoire. Introduction et technique. Rev. Bras. Biol. 1:165-77, 1941

With A. Ozorio de Almeida & M. Vianna Dias. Sur le refroidissement brusque de la moelle épiniere par l’action du chlorure d’ethyle et son utilization comme technique de l’etude de l’attaque epileptiforme (1938) 


Sur une modification de l’appareil de Van Slyke permettant la lecture immediate des volumes gazeux à la pression athomospherique. Rev. Bras. Biologia 1(4):365-7, 1941


First noted the great sensitivity of Holothuria longitudinal muscles preparation to acetylcholine

O músculo das holoturias (Holothuria grisea) como método de ensaio biológico para verificar presença de acetilcolina. Rev. Bras. Biol. 9(4): 52, 1949
With N. Daló. Hamster stomach as an isolated preparation for bradykinin assays. J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 34(8): 542, 1982
With G.B. Domont, J. Perales, A.G. Neves Ferreira et al. New methodology for the obtainment of antibothropic factors from South American opossum (Didelphis marsupialis) and jararaca snake (Bothrops jararaca). Toxicon 37(10):1417-29, 1999

Showed that branches and leaves of Ipomoea carnea caused a nervous system disease in sheep